Common Signs That You Could Benefit From a Dental Crown

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If you have signs of tooth decay in your smile, you may need a dental crown to restore your dental health. However, the uses of a dental crown go far beyond tooth decay. Our team at Suite Dental invites you to consider these common signs of needing a dental crown:

– You have weak teeth. A dental crown prevents breakage, cracks, or decay from developing in weak teeth.

– You have broken teeth. A dental crown can hold together broken parts of a tooth.

– You have large dental fillings but not much tooth structure. Dental crowns provide support and coverage when the majority of the tooth is gone.

– You need a dental bridge. Depending on the type of dental bridge you receive, your dentist may use dental crowns to anchor the dental bridge to your smile.

– You have tooth abnormalities. Irregular size, shape, and color can all be fixed with a dental crown.

– You are considering dental implants. If a single missing tooth needs to be replaced, a dental crown may be attached to the dental implant.

– You are out of options for restorative treatment. If a dental veneer, composite, or dental implant is not enough to treat a damaged tooth or are of jaw structure, a dental crown may be your best option.

– You have unwanted cosmetic flaws. Among their many aesthetic benefits, dental crowns can make irregular teeth look natural.

– You need root canal treatment. Following root canal treatment, your dentist may place a dental crown to protect the tooth.

Suite Dental is pleased to offer custom crafted-dental crowns in Bozeman, Montana, to benefit your smile! Please feel free to call 406-602-4100 today to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist.