Receive a Night Guard that Relieves Your TMD Symptoms

Your temporomandibular joints attach your jaw to your skull so that you can open your mouth, speak, eat your food, and make facial expressions. The joints are cushioned by a small cartilage disk, but if they become damaged, they can cause discomfort and develop a TMJ disorder, or TMD. Depending... Read more »

Discover Your Hidden Smile with Tooth Hazard Treatments

  Although your teeth are somewhat strong, numerous tooth hazards in this world are much stronger. Thus, you will have to take extra care of your teeth to ensure they last as long as you do. In too many situations, individuals who neglect their oral health care can end up... Read more »

Common Signs That You Could Benefit From a Dental Crown

If you have signs of tooth decay in your smile, you may need a dental crown to restore your dental health. However, the uses of a dental crown go far beyond tooth decay. Our team at Suite Dental invites you to consider these common signs of needing a dental crown:... Read more »

Teaching Your Child about Oral Health

Good dental care begins at home in a family setting. This means more than teaching children how to brush and floss. Here are some fun ideas: Mouth Self Portrait: Collect a handheld mirror, colorful crayons and a sheet of computer paper. Beckon your child to a well-lit area and ask... Read more »

How to Prevent & Correct Halitosis

Many people suffer from bad breath from time to time. Halitosis can be both embarrassing and unpleasant. Did you know that there are certain things that can cause bad breath and that there are ways to keep bad breath at bay? Causes of bad breath include: - Dry mouth -... Read more »

Whitening Your Teeth

If you take a look at the dental aisle of your grocery or drugstore, you will see plenty of toothpastes, mouthwashes, kits and strips promising to give you brighter and whiter teeth. While there are no shortage of whitening products, not all of them may be suitable for you, and... Read more »

Addressing Gum Disease

Although gum disease can be caused by hormonal changes, tobacco use, and even genetics, the most common cause of gum disease is the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth. Your gums react to the presence of plaque by swelling, which allows more plaque and tartar to accumulate below... Read more »

How to Avoid the Dentist

By Rod Spencer DDS How would you like to save your teeth and stay out of “the chair”? Let’s face it. It costs precious time and money to be in ‘the chair’. I have been in dentistry for over 18 years as a dentist and close to 45 as a... Read more »

Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

By Constance See Can debilitating insomnia, migraines, back, neck and shoulder pain disappear thanks to a new form of dentistry? The story may sound strange, but it’s very true. Kjersti Cote of Whitefish suffered from severe migraine headaches that left her with symptoms of light sensitivity, nausea and severe shooting... Read more »

How to Keep Your Teeth for a Lifetime

by Rod Spencer DDS Every year I have a physical and my cholesterol checked. It always seems to run about 125. I really do not deserve a score that low, but you can't beat genetics and good living! Keeping your teeth in good shape is similar. Some people have good... Read more »