Preventing Oral Cancer

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Cancer isn’t likely something you ever think about being able to prevent, right? Well, you’re right. You can’t truly prevent cancer. So many factors – especially genetics – go into the variables of whether or not you’ll get cancer, that’s it’s really impossible to prevent it.

However, where oral cancer is concerned, there are some risk factors that have proven to help people avoid it if those risk factors can be mitigated. That’s why Dr. Roderick Spencer and the team at Suite Dental in Bozeman, Montana put this post together – they’re ready to help you do what you can to prevent oral cancer from taking hold in your life.

Risk factors

If you have a long family history of oral cancer or even a recent one, that’s reason enough to work on decreasing risk factors. One of the best things you can do is to make sure you’re vigilant about your six-month checkups. Part of a standard cleaning is an oral cancer screening. Early signs are fairly obvious to trained professionals, but you’re also encouraged to share everything that may concern you.

The other way to decrease your risk is to practice great oral health. Avoiding any kind of gum infection, disease, or other problems greatly reduces your risk of oral cancer.

Early warning signs

Some of the most common early warning signs include lumps forming in your mouth, white-and-red speckled spots anywhere in your mouth, and a chronic sore throat. These are problems that shouldn’t ever be ignored.

We don’t want to see you suffer from oral cancer. Give us a call today at 406-602-4100 so we can make sure you having nothing to worry about.