What is Holistic (or Biologic) Dentistry?

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To understand what the differences between holistic and traditional dentistry are, we must first define some terms. Holistic is a word that means “the whole.” So, a holistic dentist, sometimes called a biologic dentist, is focused upon whole body wellness that starts with the mouth.

Now, to some degree all dentists understand that there is a connection between oral health and overall body health, but the holistic dentist truly believes that the two are one in the same and that there are some dental practices that could be harmful to the body in the long-term. Holistic dentists do not use products that could harm the body and do not expose patients to unnecessary risk, such as cosmetic procedures or surgeries, unless absolutely necessary for proper function. They may also suggest holistic remedies as replacements for over-the-counter medications.

So, what are the nuts and bolts to holistic versus traditional dentistry? Well, here are a few things holistic dentists will and will not do.

-Fluoride: Traditional dentists rave about and promote the use of fluoride in teeth cleaning products, fluoridated drops for infants, inclusion into beverages and drinking water, whereas holistic dentists believe that ingesting fluoride is detrimental and has links to cancer and other problematic issues.

-Mercury Fillings: Holistic dentists will not place mercury amalgam fillings. They understand that mercury is a toxin and that even a small amount of leakage is poisonous to the body.

-Root Canal Therapy: Holistic dentistry typically does not recommend root canals and point to research as evidence that it is not effective, and uses toxic chemicals for sterilization which can lead to other adverse health problems including cancer and heart disease.

-Biocompatibility Testing: Holistic dentists are very aware that the materials used or put into the body must be compatible with the patient, and take precautions to ensure that any fillings or other dental work in your mouth is tested for biocompatibility before insertion.

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